For bookings or queries, reach us at +91 80 69 11 11 11

For bookings or queries, reach us at
+91 80 69 11 11 11

Kerala Sea Food Restaurant

Sea food is extremely admired in Kerala and is included in almost every meal. Since Kerala is a coastal state, its cuisine is characterized by the use of coconuts that are found in a majority all over Kerala. Coconut is used through different forms - chopped, grated or simply included for garnishing. Besides this, rice is the staple dish of Kerala which cannot be separated from any Keralite cuisine. But, the highlighted fact remains that sea food is preferred any day and thus one sees a number of sea food restaurants offering exotic food unique to the land of Kerala. And one does not exaggerate when one says that the mouthwatering delicacies of Kerala are truly a gourmet's delight no end!!!

Try any of the sea food restaurant in Kerala

Mussels cooked with rice flour are highly enjoyed by people here. The tradition of Kerala also recommends that food must be healthy and that is why care is taken that food is prepared in little oil and minimum healthy spices.

Some of the restaurants that deliver delectable sea food in Kerala are 'Ettukettu', 'Vembanand', and 'Sea Food Bar' - these will surely leave you full with their broad menu in everything and anything in seafood. And these are all inviting and happy places to be in [to encourage pleasant conversations and relish all that is part of Kerala] where you can satisfy your satiety levels to the hilt. This fascinating repertoire of sea food and Kerala just cannot be alienated!!!

And it is also spot on that the tastes, flavors and aromas of the cuisine of Kerala [be it sea food or not] cannot be found elsewhere… So, to enjoy them to the fullest you need to come and experience Kerala in itself.