For bookings or queries, reach us at +91 80 69 11 11 11

For bookings or queries, reach us at
+91 80 69 11 11 11

Kumarakom Kerala Lake Resort

Sheer poetry engulfed with beauty and nothing else is Kumarakom Lake Resort, Kerala, and perhaps is the only paradise visible to human eyes on the face of this earth. It's the most apt location to visit and witness an era gone before you... Yes, it is- well maintained and perfectly preserved. Kumarakom situated on the banks of Vembanad is all about holidaying in unconstrained acres of thriving greenery that never fails to mesmerize anyone. It is no wonder that this place has been conferred a Heritage Resort Status.

Calling all nature buffs to visit Kumarakom Lake Resort, Kerala...

For the perfect blend of tradition and modern facilities, Kumarakom is indeed the best place for your holiday desires. And be sure a lot of unmentioned things offer you a pleasant welcome once you are here in Kerala. And Kumarakom is only the beginning of the journey which will spellbind you with its ayurvedic and innumerable other facilities. Speaking of facilities, try out scrumptious Kerala cuisine and soak yourself in the countless benefits of spices found here in profusion. And listen to the quiet music that every form of nature here will play for you every time you listen closely.

Kumarakom is the essence of Kerala that will imbibe you in its entirety; it is certainly one way to get immersed in Kerala's rich and unforgettable history.

What one also discovers here on transformed traditional rice boats known as Kettuvallams are refreshing backwater experiences… An extreme and delighting way to relax and calm those tired nerves. All this and much more which is hard to describe in words lies ahead for you in Kumarakom Lake resort, Kerala. So, just pack your bags and we at Kumarakom Lake Resort, will take care of the rest!!!