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Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

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“Sir, this is the Vembanad Lake”, said our driver as we drove over a long bridge built over a massive expanse of water. The water body that he was referring to was, of course, the longest lake in India and the largest in the southern Indian state of Kerala. The fathomless beauty of Vembanad Lake is the soul of the famed, romantic backwaters of Kerala. With many lakeside resorts, the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, and houseboats sailing on the waters, the region epitomizes the picture-postcard beauty of Kerala and lures visitors from across the globe. “We are almost there”! continued our driver, as we left the bridge behind and took a left turn to leave the road. Our destination was the best place to stay in Kumarakom, the Kumarakom Lake Resort Kerala.

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

A big gate swung open and we drove into the portico of the Kumarakom Lake Resort. As we got down from the car, a wooden board that said, “Kumarakom Lake Resort - Perhaps The Only Paradise on Earth “, caught our attention. We looked around, the surroundings were beautiful, but the only paradise? we wondered, looking at the spartan entrance.

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

The entrance of Kumarakom Lake Resort

A sweet voice said, “welcome to Kumarakom Lake Resort, the best place to stay in Kumarakom”, and a young lady dressed in a traditional Kerala Kasavu Saree welcomed us in the traditional and ceremonial manner with a tilak on our foreheads and an aarti.

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

Kumarakom Lake Resort reception

We were excited to step into what is billed as the best place to stay in Kumarakom, a resort par excellence. A place that has hosted luminaries from around the world and whose guest list reads like a veritable who's who of the world. The stellar list includes the likes of Prince Charles, Narayana Murthy and Sudha Murthy of Infosys, Virendra Sehwag, and many others.

The Kumarakom Lake Resort has won many accolades and awards. The most recent of these is being chosen as India's Best Sustainable Luxury Resort by Travel+Leisure Magazine's India's Best Awards 2019.

Kumarakom Lake Resort- First Glimpse of Paradise

We were ushered into the lobby of the Kumarakom Lake Resort. But as we looked around we realized that to call it, 'lobby', would actually be nothing short of blasphemy. Every inch of the place brought alive the traditional art and architecture of Kerala to life. It was more like a living museum of art and design.

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

Tender coconuts in KLR

The Front Office Manager explained the nitty-gritty of our package including our room and dining options. However, we were transfixed with our surroundings and our attention wavered as we looked all around while we sipped coconut water from tender coconuts encased in delightful stands made out of cane and coir.

As we looked around the ancient traditional art and architecture seemed to have come alive. Traditional hanging lamps known as Thooku Vilakku hung from chains and rendered a quaint and vintage aura. Wooden benches designed in traditional Kerala style and embellished with colourful cushions offered relaxing comfort to guests.

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

An Oonjal or traditional swing

An Oonjal or traditional swing swayed invitingly in one corner. Elegant Urulis with colourful flowers added to the elegance of the ambiance. Urulis along with their larger versions known as Varpu were vessels used in ancient times for cooking as well as the preparation of Ayurvedic medicine in Kerala. These vessels are today used to enhance the decor in a colourful manner. This concept which is now prevalent all over the country has its roots in Kerala. Wooden columns, tiled roofs, and sunken courtyards combined to give the ambiance of a huge mansion or Palace built in typical Kerala architectural style that is unique to the state.

Our Pool Villa At Kumarakom Lake Resort

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

A wooden bridge leading towards the Pool Villas

We followed our hostess Anita who was escorting us to our room. A small wooden bridge led from the reception area towards the Pool Villas. Towards the right, the greyish waters of the Vembanad Lake stretched out to infinity. A white heron looked at us curiously and then flew away into the blue skies. A monitor lizard disappeared shyly into the bushes. A short walk and we reached the Pool Villa assigned to us.

The Pool Villa looked really enchanting. It had all the appearance of a traditional Kerala house, tiled roof and wooden structure with a delightful porch, a cane chair stood in a corner. But what had our attention riveted was the door, and specifically the locking system, something that we had never seen before.

An ornate locking system graced the door. The system, when viewed in full, represented a Trishul, which is the weapon and symbol associated with the Hindu God Shiva. The locking system seemed to be a work of art in itself, exquisite in design and ingenious in its working.

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

The locking system is known as Mani-Chitra-Taal

“This locking system is known as Mani-Chitra-Taal, Mani means bell, Chitra refers to the pictorial depiction of the Trishul, and Taal means lock”. “When we lock the door, you hear a clink, a bell-like sound and that is what Mani in the name refers to”, said Anita, explaining the mysteries of the locking system to us. She then proceeded to demonstrate how to use this ancient locking system. We hoped we did not end up locking ourselves in or out of the room. However soon we realized that our fears were unfounded as we mastered the art of using the Mani-Chitra-Taal mechanism!

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

The years seemed to fall away as we entered the room. It was as if we were entering the room of a royal Kerala home. A colourful mural depicting a scene from Hindu mythology covered the wall behind the tastefully decorated bed. The mural had a haunting beauty and reminded us of the murals at the Mattancherry Palace in Fort Kochi.

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

An ancient fan hung from the tapering tiled roof. Natural light streamed in from skylights in the roof. The room was faithful to the rich heritage of the region and every detail painstakingly recreated. But at the same time, every contemporary luxury and convenience was provided. Television, Coffee / Tea maker, Air-conditioning refrigerator, and Wi-Fi were the modern trappings.

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

A curtained glass door stood at one end of the room. The door led to a sit out and beyond that was a meandering pool. One could simply walk into the pool straight from the room! Anita explained that the meandering pool meandered across 32 villas and each villa was built into a cove-like shape ensuring privacy for the occupants.

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

Open-to-the sky bathroom

Another interesting feature of our room was an open-to-the sky bathroom, equipped with natural and organic toiletries.

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

Meandering pool

Our Kumarakom lake resort meandering pool villa promised a great stay in the lap of luxury and why not, it indeed seemed to live up to its reputation as the best place to stay in Kumarakom.

Kumarakom Lake Resort Rooms

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

The Kumarakom Lake Resort Houseboat

The Kumarakom Lake Resort offers a range of accommodation options that incorporate the best of the natural environs of Kumarakom with the rich heritage of the region.

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

Meandering Pool Villas

One can choose from Heritage Lake View Villas with private pools, Heritage Villas with private pools, Meandering Pool Villas, Luxury Pavilion Rooms or Presidential Suites with Private Pool. The Kumarakom Lake Resort Houseboat is another enchanting option for guests to choose for a unique stay on the waters of Lake Vembanad.

Ettukettu - Food Spiced With The Echoes Of The Past

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

Unique heritage restaurant called Ettukettu

When it comes to food, the Kumarakom Lake Resort transforms this basic activity into fine art at its unique heritage restaurant called Ettukettu. The 115 seater restaurant is the jewel in the crown of Kumarakom Lake Resort, an ode to the rich and unique architecture of Kerala and the painstaking passion of the hotel to adhere to authenticity. The regal past of Kerala comes to life in Ettuketttu which is not a replica of a royal mansion of Kerala but an actual royal mansion itself. It is fascinating to note that Ettukettu was actually a grand mansion that was commissioned by the King Marthanda Varma as a gift to Edamana Kellamthat Gurukkal, his martial arts teacher. What is even more astonishing is that the original mansion has been transplanted in Kumarakom Lake Resort after dismantling it from its original site. The Ettukettu today stands as a culinary haven and the hotspot of Kumarakom Lake Resort.

The Ettukettu is an octagonal mansion with two central courtyards. The seating is around the courtyards while live counters and buffet counters are set up on one end of the restaurant. The restaurant serves an elaborate buffet and has a à la carte menu as well.

Ettukettu serves the best from a range of cuisines that include Continental, Chinese, and Indian cuisines. The menu would not be complete without a range of delicacies from the repertoire of local Kerala cuisine.

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

Classical performance

Come evening Ettukettu resonates with the song and music in the best of the classical tradition of India and Kerala. The notes of musical instruments like the Tabla, Violin, and others seamlessly merge with the rhythmic classical dances like Bharatanatyam and others transforming the act of dining into a divine benediction. When we were there we were transported to another world on the wings of a Bharatanatyam performance and a Tabla-Violin jugalbandi.

Thattukada - A Sip Of Traditional Authenticity

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort


If Ettukettu is an example of the fine art of dining blended perfectly with vintage ambiance, then Thattukada takes you on a journey to the rural hinterland of Kerala. Thattukada in Malayalam refers to the ubiquitous roadside tea shops that serve hot and steaming cups of tea and local savouries in the rustic and rural environs of Kerala. The Thattukada at the Kumarakom Lake Resort is a unique feature that serves high tea in the open lawns of the resort. The Thattukadu is located at one end of the lawn with chairs and tables that are strewn across. A place for a casual chat over tea or some strong and authentic filter coffee to the accompaniment of local traditional snacks fried in an open pan. The moments we spent at the Thattukada are surely the kind that enhances our belief in the simple pleasures of life. The greenery around and the distant horizon where the waters of the Vembanad Lake seemed to merge seamlessly with the sky had us enthralled. We seemed to be really experiencing paradise on earth at the best place to stay in Kumarakom, the Kumarakom Lake Resort - Perhaps the only paradise on earth.

Vembanad - Taste The Wonders Of The Sea

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

Vembanad seafood restaurant and bar

Kerala is said to be a haven for seafood lovers. The Vembanad Seafood Bar is a place to head to for connoisseurs and lay lovers of seafood alike. Even if you do not eat seafood, you must pay a visit to the Vembanad for its lovely ambiance and location. A canopied and columned corridor leads from the reception area towards the edge of the Vembanad Lake for the seafood restaurant and bar is located. The place offers spectacular views of the lake. One could spend heavenly moments here relishing an exotic dish prepared by the chef from an inexhaustible repertoire or nurse a drink from the bar. All this while having a ringside view of the boats gliding by or the spectacle of the sun setting on the western horizon in all its splendour.

Pool Pavilion - Luxurious Exclusivity Redefined

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

If you want to spend some exclusive and private moments over a leisurely dinner beside the shimmering waters of the Vembanad Lake. Then the Pool Pavilion is just the place to head to. It is set near the infinity pool on the fringe of the Vembanad Lake. A magical place for a sundowner date with your loved one. The Pool Pavilion can be booked for exclusive rendezvous with the promise of great times.

Ayurmana - Indulge In The Luxury Of Ancient Ayurveda

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

Spa and Wellness centre - Ayurmana

Ayurveda, the ancient science of the rejuvenation of the body and mind comes alive in all its mystical glory at the Ayurmana, the Spa and Wellness centre based on the ancient practices of Ayurveda at the Kumarakom Lake Resort. As you enter the building, again built in traditional Kerala style, you feel as if you are entering a temple. A divine aura envelops the place. A rectangular courtyard supported by four exquisite pillars and filled with shining pebbles has a Tulsi plant in the centre. Hanging lamps, ancient vessels, colourful flowers and a collection of mysterious-looking bottles give you the feeling of stepping back in time to a different era. A statue of Dhanavantari who is the Hindu God of medicine and also an avatar of Lord Vishnu as well as the God of looks benevolently at you. On either side of the courtyard are treatment and relaxation rooms. There is also a consulting room where an Ayurvedic Doctor will attend to your needs.

The Ayurmana offers a host of treatments and packages that range from beauty treatments to rejuvenation packages. On offer are famed Kerala Ayurvedic treatments like Panchakarma that rejuvenates the body from within using five different procedures. The Kumarakom Lake Resort offers packages with different durations starting from 7 nights onwards for Panchakarma. The other Ayurveda treatments that are available are the rejuvenation massage known as Abhangam, Sirodhara, Ksheeradhara, Head, foot, back, and face massages and many other treatments from the treasure chest of Ayurveda. If you are looking for beauty treatment of the kind that the princesses of ancient Kerala indulged in, Ayurmana offers you the same pampering and luxury. Indulge in exotic treatments that use the goodness of nature from fruits, flowers, medicinal herbs, and much more. These treatments are aimed to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin, face, and also involves the best of Ayurvedic hair care. The treatments include various facials using fruit and vegetable extracts and special oils.

Ayurmana beckons with the promise of holistic rejuvenation for the body, mind, and soul.

Kumarakom Lake Resort - Great Value For Money

What makes the Kumarakom Lake Resort the best place to stay in Kumarakom is the value that it provides. The Kumarakom Lake Resort package is much more than just accommodation and food, it comes with a host of other included amenities and activities that make it an unforgettable experience.

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

Activities at Kumarakom Lake Resort

On the house activities include the following:

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort
  • Hands-on experience of Pottery and Mat weaving
  • Yoga and meditation classes by the side of the infinity pool
  • Fishing
  • Cycling and walking to get an experience of nearby villages
  • Daily cultural programs in the evening that bring to life the culture of the region through dance and music
  • A sunset cruise on the Vembanad Lake to the accompaniment of soul-stirring music
  • Access to indoor games like Snooker, Carrom, Table Tennis, Chess, etc.
  • Access to the Gym
  • Swimming pool with jacuzzi

Kumarakom Lake Resort - Other Facilities at A Glance

Business Services

The Kumarakom Lake Resort is undoubtedly not only one of the best places to stay in Kumarakom, perfect for leisure and relaxation, but also great for business too. Its scenic environs provide the perfect location for a team meeting or a corporate product launch, an ideal MICE location. The resort offers a versatile conference room that can seat up to 180 people along with business center services.

Fitness Centre

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

A state of the art fitness centre with the latest fitness equipment is a place for those who adhere to their fitness regimen wherever they are, even on holiday.

Swimming Pools

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

Meandering Swimming Pool at Kumarakom Lake Resort

When it comes to swimming pools, Kumarakom Lake Resort pulls all the stops. One can directly step into a pool right from their rooms.

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

The other option is to walk across the beautifully landscaped gardens to the infinity pool that stretches invitingly right on the edge of the Vembanad Lake.

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

The infinity pool at Kumarakom Lake Resort

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

The infinity pool at Kumarakom Lake Resort

The infinity pool equipped with a Jacuzzi transforms into a fairy-tale location as the golden rays of the setting sun gently caress it.

Curio Shop At The Kumarakom Lake Resort

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

Curio shop

A delightful Curio shop at the Kumarakom Lake Resort is the place to head to if you are looking at satisfying your shopping urge within the resort.

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

The shop has on sale various souvenirs representative of the traditional art of Kerala, antiques, spices, and much more.

Kumarakom Lake Resort - A Perfect Place For A Destination Wedding

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

The boat glides gently through the shimmering waters of the Vembanad Lake. A golden halo seems to envelop the boat as the setting sun glitters magnificently on the horizon. The music soars across the massive lake as the couple exchange rings. Would that not be a magical moment frozen in time?

Yes, the Kumarakom Lake Resort is where fantasy weddings take place. It is the perfect place to transform dreams into realities, perhaps the only paradise on earth!

With a picture-perfect setting backed by an impeccable organization, infrastructure, and service, the Kumarakom Lake Resort is indeed a venue which is the stuff of dreams for any bride or bridegroom. A Kumarakom Lake Resort wedding holds the promise of grandeur and fantasy beyond the reaches of the imagination.

Kumarakom Lake Resort - A Paradise Of Nature

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

The Kumarakom Lake Resort is a dream come true for nature lovers. When you wake up to the chirping of birds and step out, you are greeted by lush greenery.

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

Wooden bridges

A series of wooden bridges span the canal and the meandering pool that run through the resort. Enchanting walkways with dew-kissed grass stretch out in front of you. The waters of the Vembanad Lake stretch out languorously towards one side. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and tea waft in the air from the Ettukettu restaurant, and you wonder, have I woken up in paradise?

Best Place to Stay in Kumarakom - Kumarakom Lake Resort

Amazing sunsets at Kumarakom Lake Resort

Evenings take on another magical hue as the sun slowly sinks into the waters of the Vembanad Lake. With many vantage points to watch the sunset from, the resort into an amphitheatre showcasing the glory of nature. Kumarakom Lake Resort is one of the best instagrammable resort which provides lot of photo opportunities which are instaworthy!

The Kumarakom Lake Resort nestles cosily beside the Vembanad Lake on a sprawling 25-acre verdant plot. It is a resort that masterfully synthesizes the vintage elegance of the heritage of Kerala with the pristine beauty of its backwaters. The resort which is one of the best resorts in Kumarakom for family is located at, North Post, Vayitharamattom, Kumarakom, Kerala 686563.

  • The nearest airport to Kumarakom Lake Resort is Kochi International Airport
  • Cochin Airport to Kumarakom Lake Resort distance is about 79 kilometres
  • The nearest Railway Station to Kumarakom lake Resort is the Kottayam Railway Station
  • Kumarakom to Thekkady distance is about 112 kilometres
  • Kumarakom to Kovalam distance is about 176 kilometres
  • The distance from Kochi to Kumarakom is about 49 kilometres
  • The distance from Kumarakom to Alappey is about 33 kilometres

Kumarakom Lake Resort offers airport transfers from and to Kochi International Airport.

Are you dreaming of getting to a paradise called Kumarakom? You can book flights right here to reach Kochi, Kerala, India through TripAdvisor or Agoda or CheapAir or Cleartrip or Makemytrip or Priceline and then travel by road - by self-drive car or cab or bus.

Places To Visit In Kumarakom - Around Kumarakom Lake Resort Kerala

When you are staying at one of the best lake resorts in Kumarakom, you will never feel the need to venture outside. But if you decide to explore the vicinity then there are many options that await you.

  • Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
  • Driftwood Museum
  • Thazhathangady Juma Masjid, Kottayam
  • Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple, Kottayam
  • St. Mary's Church, Kottayam

The Kumarakom Lake resort itself offers trips to some of these attractions. They organize paid visits to the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Driftwood Museum, and also Kottayam Sightseeing.

Kumarakom Lake Resort Setting an Example In Sustainability And Eco-Friendly Practices

As travel bloggers, we have always espoused the cause of sustainable and eco-friendly practices. It was really heartening to note the innovative methods adopted by Kumarakom Lake Resort to ensure that the resort was a model of sustainability and eco-friendliness. Here are some of the highlights that really appealed to us:

  • No plastic anywhere, glass bottles of water in the rooms
  • Bathrooms equipped with leaves as soap-holders, coir based bathroom slippers, toiletries from natural and organic ingredients
  • The entire resort made from wood dismantled from existing old buildings of the region
  • Providing sustenance to local arts through authentic cultural programs
  • Promoting local cuisines in their various restaurants